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At the peak of Monte Bisbino, we find ourselves where the nightingales’ song awakens us in the morning and the rays of the dawning sun paint the surrounding pine trees. It’s natural for us to follow the rhythm of nature, guiding us each day in every activity, and in each season, revealing a new way to fully enjoy the incredible place where we are. From summer, where forest paths are painted green and the garden abundantly yields its fruits and vegetables, and days are spent among the garden, shelters, and forest, to winter lived without haste, watching the snow fall from the warmth of the couch in front of the crackling fireplace.

From Ca’ Bossi begins many trekking trails of Monti Lariani (Lake Como Mountains) where you can dive in to the wild nature to discover the different Rifugi (Locals Shelters/Chalets). If you decide to go on a hike and have lunch somewhere outside the lodge, here is where you can stop and try different specialties of the local cuisine.

Vetta Bisbino

At the summit of Monte Bisbino, Roberto runs the iconic restaurant Vetta Bisbino, right next to the Sanctuary of Monte Bisbino. The terrace aloud you to enjoy a 360” views on all the surroundings. Possible to reach with a 5 minutes drive from the lodge, or a 20/30 minutes walk.

Rifugio Bugone

Located NE from the lodge, is a nice 15/20 minutes trail walk. This location is good for those who like to have a soft exploration of the surrounding because is the closest Rifugio to the lodge. Its worth to see a majestic Oak tree of more than 500 y.o. located right in front of Bugone and if you like desserts Ilaria will offer you the best cakes of Monte Bisbino.

Rifugio Murelli

Murelli has been in Monte Bisbino for very long time, the food is simple and tasty. To reach Rifugio Murelli its a beautiful 1 hour walk in the forest approximately from the Lodge.

Roccolo San Bernardo

Roccolo offers probably the most authentic experience you can have. Guido and his family run the farmhouse where they raise goats and Higlander cows, they make their own Cheese and Salumi. The food is incredibly delicious and fresh.

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