It was 1999 when we were trial-biking the Lariani Mountains, when suddenly passed by this majestic stone structure which we discovered being an old monastery of Somascan Fathers.

The Somascan Fathers take part of a Catholic religious order founded in the 16th century focus on youth education, healthcare, and missionary work, following Christian principles of charity and service. The Somascan Fathers established gathering hubs to carry out their mission and Ca’Bossi was one of them.

Ca’ Bossi has been for many years the place where our family retreated to embrace the tranquility of nature’s embrace and escape the frenetic rhythm of the City. This had such a positives impact on our life that recently we have decided to open the Monastery’s doors to those who’s are seeking for a silent place where to find peace, time in nature and that magic feeling of nothingness.

Playing with the land has alway thrilled us, even if the mountainous territory where we are located challenges us every time. Nonetheless we are fully dedicated to establish a proper farming site where an endless exchange with the soil is happening everyday.

The property has different areas dedicated to farming activities. The vegetables garden is situated in the back yard where our chickens roam free and in their house supply eggs to visitors daily. A compost maker where we collect visitor’s organic waste with the goal of converting it into nutrients for our crops and fertil soil for our vegetables. And the wild strawberries area hidden between Pine-trees and Beech-Trees.

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